The Leadership Roles of Wellington, Florida, Attorney Michael Presley

Michael Presley Attorney

An attorney and senior business administrator who has served individuals and organizations in the health care industry for more than 35 years, Michael Presley is licensed as a certified health care risk manager. From his current headquarters in Wellington, Florida, Michael Presley serves as a partner and attorney with Presley Law & Associates, PA, and as the chief executive officer and chief risk officer of United MSO of America, LLC.

Working alongside his sons Robert and Steven at the family law firm, he represents a range of physician clients. He has spearheaded operations at the firm since becoming licensed to practice in the state of Florida and joining the Florida Bar Association in 1980.

For the past three years, he has concurrently led United MSO of America, an organization that oversees the creation of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and managed health care management services organizations (MSOs) through strategic ACO partnerships. United MSO of America utilizes a unique network schemata of his design.